Biography Red Clyde And The Bonnies

It all started with José Javier Novella (Red Clyde) meeting bass player Mar Hernandes (Oklahoma Kill Bonnie) and thinking about the idea of creating a band with girl musicians and a boy singer, something really unusual, and that idea became a reality when Mar's drummer friend, Belinda Bono, joined the band. After choosing between all the names for the band and irregular months of rehearsals, Beli leaves for personal reasons and Amanda Esqueta (Alabama Little Bonnie) joins on drums. Rehearsals continued until the next addition, pianist Sara López (Texas Bonnie) joined the band and finally the first concert, on 1 August 2014, at the 16 Toneladas venue in Valencia. With a great reception from the public, the project continues to move forward, except for Sara, who also leaves the band for work reasons, and the band is now formed as a trio for future concerts.

Two years later, the English saxophonist Annabel Weeden (Arizona Sax Bonnie) joined the band, giving it a new look.